Youth-serving agencies, throughout the state of Minnesota, provide a continuum of services to meet the unique and complex needs of youth experiencing homelessness, with the goal of ensuring that their experiences are brief and non-recurring, as well as creating intentional services to prevent youth from experiencing future episodes of homelessness.

Despite the significant gains made in responding to the crisis of youth homelessness, due to a number of factors the number of youth who are homeless on their own continues to increase. The most recent study from Wilder Research indicates that on any given night over 6,000 youth across the state experience homelessness and do not have a safe place to sleep.

As a member of The Youth Services Network (YSNMN), The Bridge engages in multiple efforts in to amplify the unique needs of youth experiencing homeless to ensure they have access to programs and services in places and spaces, that are reflective of their community.

Capital Hill 2018

Youth Services Network 2021 Legislative Agenda

1. Homeless Youth Act: Increase of $10M to: 

  • Prevent and end youth homelessness 
  • Reduce exploitation of young people experiencing homelessness
  • Mitigate youth involvement in criminal justice system
  • Increase youth skills for independent living, educational achievement, and employment

HYA- Senate Bill #2192
HYA- House Bill #272

2. Safe Harbor: Increase of $5M to: 

  • $4M to sustain and expand emergency shelter and housing
  • $1M to sustain and expand Regional Navigator and Supportive Services  

Safe Harbor- Senate Bill #2188
Safe Harbor- House Bill #2372

3. Ensuring Youth Inclusion in any COVID-19 Relief Acts or Related Bills / Appropriations  

4. Sustain Funds for Shelter Link Mental Health Grants  

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